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Good to know...

Outcall Massage is a type of massage in which a massage therapist travels to a client, rather than the other way around. I offer massage therapy in client's homes, hotel rooms, and businesses, among other places, bringing any necessary equipment with them to the session and packing it up at the end of the day. Just as with massage in a spa or massage studio, outcall massage can offer a number of different styles and options, with most therapists being happy to recommend alternate therapists if they are unable to meet the needs of their clients. Incall Massage is available most of the time, renting a studio.

I also remind my clients that sexual services are not offered.

Etiquette for outcall massage is much the same as etiquette for incall massage, with a few additions. Take the time to clear the site where you will receive your massage, leaving ample room for the therapist to set up a table and work. You should also encourage children, pets, and housemates to entertain themselves elsewhere for the duration of your massage. Make sure to give me clear directions to the site, and if you have locked gates or entries, leave them unlocked or meet the massage therapist to unlock them. If you have household staff or you are receiving a massage at a hotel, alert the staff to the fact you are expecting a massage therapist.

Tip to get a massage

Take a shower before the massage. A hot sauna or shower, if possible is nice. Hot water, especially steam, tends to loosen up the muscles and prepares the skin.

Go to the restroom before your massage.

Remove your clothes and wear whatever makes you comfortable. There will be a sheet covering your body. The therapist only pulls away the part of the sheet of the part of the body they are massaging. Florida Law stays ..."Massage Therapist are required to have a Sufficient Supply of Drapes and explain draping to the client and receive Informed Written Consent from the client to waive draping which remains in their client records".

Try allowing yourself to drift off into a semi-sleepy state at opportune moments.
I play music. Float away with the music. If you do not like the music or it is distracting for you, ask for the music to be shut off or changed. You can even use your own. Communicate. Do not be afraid to speak up and say what you like and do not like.
Try not to talk for most of the massage. Silence is another gift which can have an immeasurable impact on your peacefulness.
When the therapist is pushing down on muscle, let the air out of your lungs in time with the pressure. Breathe in as the therapist pulls back his pressure.

Take your time getting up after your session is over.

Drink plenty of water after your massage.